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Fish Bioenergetics 3.0 Manual & Software on CD

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By Paul C. Hanson, Timothy B. Johnson, Daniel E. Schindler and James F. Kitchell

User manual and software on a CD-ROM

Fisheries managers, fish ecologists, limnologists, marine biologists and educators alike will find this updated computer model useful. Originally developed by University of Wisconsin Sea Grant researchers to assess the growth and food consumption of Great Lakes predator and forage fish populations, this modeling tool can be used to estimate growth and food consumption for many cold-, cool- and warm-water fish species. It can be applied to stream, river, lake or environmental variables that affect fish growth and food consumption. Taxa-specific data files are provided for 33 species, including fish and mysid invertebrates, and model data can readily be adapted to other species. A graphics package enables plotting, printing and file storage of model outputs.

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Publication #: WISCU-T-97-001

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